100 miles from nowhere…

100 miles from nowhere… The dark side of ultra-running I hadn’t felt pain or pleasure for so long, I climbed a mountain to find Hope and that’s where I found you. I didn’t know you were as broken as me, I just couldn’t see. From the moment I saw your eyes, I knew you might [...]

Real talk about 2019…

Real talk about 2019… I see everyone posting their “top 9” from 2019 and how great their year was… and then I realized I have talked to some of these people in “real” life and I know what their year has really been like. Yes, they had some great wins but it is the losses [...]

Goals Setting- Live event!

Are you looking for a Jump Start, Kick Start or Fresh Start in 2020?! https://goalswithgary.eventbrite.com Do you know the process of setting goals, designing an action plan so you can finally follow through and achieve what you want? Join Gary Stotler to learn the process he has used to lose 200 pounds, become an elite [...]

E.A.T. your words…

The best diet you’ve never heard of. Words matter: How you talk to yourself and others effects your thoughts, actions and attitude as well as how you respond to adversity and setbacks. E.A.T. Emotion-Automatic Thought-Turnaround Thought How does this idea “fit” into real life? Think about the last time you did everything “right” and you [...]

Learning to become YOU!

Can you see yourself succeeding?? If you can’t “see” yourself succeeding, what makes you think anyone else can see you succeed either? The truth is, they can’t and they won’t… because it is up to you to change your own mind and let your actions change their mind. “Tell me what you’re going to do [...]

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