Office Job Soreness?

“Motion creates emotion” Tony Robbins Do you struggle with soreness & stiffness during the day? I sure do! I work hard first thing in the morning and some days it takes me a little while to find out I didn’t cool down enough before heading to work. Then I’m stuck in an office all day […]

Win the Week- Simple Plan to get “Back on Track”

So you got off track, now what? My March has not been the best training month for me. I took some time off for extreme soreness in my knee and missed a couple days due to sickness. To be completely upfront, I haven’t really eaten that well this month either… My training calendar looks a […]

Nachos, Lasagna & Icing Replacements!!!

Hey everyone! People have been asking and asking for some recipes, so here’s a couple of my favorite! Just a quick warning- I care more about how my food tastes, than looks… Any recipes I post, don’t expect it to look like a professional designer put it together. 🙂 Also, portion control is key. Eating […]

A different perspective- Guest Post

This is my hero. She is the person who helped me take the first step. When I first started waking up early with a goal to go the the gym, we had a rule. Anything said before 6:00 A.M. doesn’t count. (Yeah, I haven’t always been an early riser…) We had some heated exchanges some […]

Life Lessons from “Think and Grow Rich”

Recently, a friend of mine asked me what book has made the most impact on my journey. This was a tough question- I have never had to narrow it down to just one before… I thought for a while and had to choose “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. At first, this seemed sort […]

The One Mile Rule

I had this really nice post on “Think and Grow Rich” done for this morning and after the disaster of a run this morning, I had to change it… This is my One Mile Rule. The One Mile Rule says to go at least one mile, if things are still falling apart and something just […]

Mental Toughness is finding fuel in an empty tank.

Your worst runs are always the most important. They show you your weaknesses. They let you know how bad it can be. The worst runs always teach you the most. Don’t quit on an opportunity to find your weaknesses and make yourself stronger. I’ve mentioned before how sports have helped me grow up and taught […]

Running Through Life

“Failure is a trickster, it trips you when success is in reach.” Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich I can’t help but to think of all the life lessons I’ve learned through running. Many people told me training for a marathon would change my life. I think the experience is different for everyone, but the […]

Silver Rush 50 mile training- Train like a professional athlete

Week 2 of Silver Rush is upon me and I’m feeling more and more confident in my plan every day. For those of you that know me, I use a couple fairly simple concepts to accomplish my personal, fitness and family goals. My running goals are no different. I find out what I want, write […]

Silver Rush 50 mile training- shopping for success

I’m so excited my Silver Rush 50 mile training cycle started this week! I’ve been working hard the last 14 weeks to establish a strong base for 2016. I want to give myself the best opportunity to not only finish, but to set myself up to hit my time goal and for longer distances. I […]