What is strength?

What is courage?

What does it mean to have strength and courage?

What does it mean to be strong and courageous?


To have strength and courage is to stand in the face of your deepest fear and take the step forward into the storm despite the obstacles and unknowns. The ability to take the step into hell knowing the road is long and the mountain is steep. To know the struggle and adversity you are about to climb is difficult with many chances to stumble and fall along the way. It is necessary to build strength over toughness. The will to continue forward when times are hard is more difficult than just moving forward when you are a little fatigued. It is when the climb gets the rockiest and the mountain slope looks the most daunting that we must have the courage to take one more step forward knowing we don’t know what is beyond the next step. Knowing the next step could reveal even more difficulty for an unknown amount of time. It is having the confidence in our own abilities to create the mental and physical energy we need when we are drained of the basics and necessities. The patience and persistence to keep our head up and to continue moving forward one step at a time because the hill doesn’t last forever.

To be strong and courageous is to believe in yourself more than the fears screaming at you to stay where you are. There is not greater skill than to build yourself up from the inside and project your new thoughts into action with your behavior all while knowing your environment is going to help or hinder you in your pursuit of your goals and dreams. It is when times are tough and the amounts are low that we must learn to look deep inside to find the motivation to move forward without instant gratification or self-satisfaction. It is in these moments of difficulty that we find out who we truly are.

When we stare into the mirror and understand there is only one person we can rely on and they are staring directly into our eyes with encouraging words to just move forward into the unknown. It is then up to us to decide if we take the step or if we crumble and fall into the comfort zone of our past.

This is the moment of truth.

This is our chance to define ourselves.

This is an opportunity to grow beyond who we have been to become who we’ve always dreamed of being.


Choose strength.

Choose courage.


I hope you have the courage to take the first step toward the unknown with the strength to keep moving forward until you wake up in the middle of your wildest dreams.

Are you struggling with overcoming a fear? Try this simple exercise to help you move out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. This works best if you look in a mirror or write down the answers in your journal.

What is my fear?


Why am I fearful?


Is my fear valid?


Now, take the step into the unknown! Action is the only way to get through a fear. The second you allow fear to creep back in after this exercise, the fear will fill all the empty space causing you to drift back toward the past you are trying to move out of.

Published by Gary Stotler

Gary Stotler is a father, running, fitness, weight loss and personal development addict. Formally 400 pounds, Gary has naturally lost 200 pounds, created a coaching & speaking business and has become a 100 mile ultra-runner. Holding a degree in Psychology & Sociology, certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer, mindset & behavioral modification coaching, a certification in DISC personality assessment coaching and he is a certified speaker, coach & mentor with the John Maxwell Team. Gary firmly believes, if we take One Step at a Time, nothing is impossible. He is determined to let his actions show people what is possible and hopes to help you shake up your thoughts, change your actions and create your future.

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