Questions cause us to think and when we think for ourselves, we learn to control ourselves and our actions. When we take control of our mind, we take control of our body… Then and only then can we take control of our future. We must first die… the death of who we are… it is […]

We all need something to believe in…

We all need something to believe in… Why not try believing in yourself for a change?   Why does a “diet” or an exercise routine work right away? Why does a weight loss pill or product work right away? Why is the weight loss success ratio only 5%? Is it really more complicated than calories […]

Fail Forward

A year ago, I got fired from a job I absolutely hated with my bosses’ departing words being “ya know, running will never pay your bills.” I responded politely with “thank you. I really appreciate your advice.” I walked out of her office and drove back to my empty apartment… An hour went by… no […]

“Do you believe you deserve to be healthy?”

“I’m struggling with my eating and have no idea why!” Have you ever heard this? Have you ever said this? It’s ok, I’ve thought it, said it, lived it… I had a client walk in my office the other day and as she said this exact phrase, I could hear the panic and desperation in […]