Stuck in a Slump? Take a walk.

If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up… You’ve been there, you know you have. You’ve been in a place where no matter how hard you are trying you can’t get out of bed on time. You can’t seem to eat good, sleep good, workout, run and the last thing you want to do […]

Failing is hard work…

Just when I thought I was pulling myself out of a hole, I’ve fallen farther down… I haven’t ran once this week… It’s now Saturday and I missed my long hike because I overslept, I haven’t been hitting the rower every day like I am supposed to and I have 62 days before I toe […]

2017- Leadville, I’m coming for you.

The clock struck midnight and my stomach sank… What in the world did I get myself into this year? My 2017 goals have been set for quite some time and I have been working toward them for several months now. Everything was going great until December hit and I crumbled… I’m not sure what happen […]