What I learned pacing/crewing a 100 mile trail race

I had the opportunity to pace a 100 mile race last weekend and other than knowing how to run, knowing Brian had 2 rough and unsuccessful attempts at 100 mile races and needing to have a positive attitude all weekend, I didn’t have any clue what I had gotten myself in to. This is my […]

A Zest for Life

I’m not one to be excited about it, but it’s my birthday. I made it another year (hopefully;) and I’m probably out running as you read this. 4 years ago the thought of my birthday scared the shit out of me. Another year closer to death is the way I looked at it… Males don’t […]

Runner’s High

Someone asked me yesterday- when do you get your “Runner’s High”? I think they were partly serious and partly making fun of me, but I swiftly answered, “at 3:15 when my alarm goes off”. This wasn’t exactly to the answer they were looking for, but it sure started a conversation. I can’t explain it. I […]

Avoiding the “Big Miss”

It’s ok to make mistakes, but don’t mess up a whole day just for one little slip up! http://coversearch.runnersworld.com/entry/360/ ‪#‎rwcoversearchcontest‬ ‪#‎runepic‬ ‪#‎outrunyourexcuses‬ ‪#‎400to26point2

“I commit not to quit.”

It’s 3:31 am on Sunday morning and I still don’t have a blog written… This is pretty unusual for me, as this is one of the only things I actually look forward to doing during the week. I have nothing earth shattering, profound or interesting to say… For as long winded as I am, I […]