A little bit more can’t make a difference, right?!

“Doing the things you don’t have to do will always determine the difference when it’s too late to do anything about it.” Jackie B. Cooper I may get fired for telling this story, but the life lesson is so valuableā€¦ I had a guy in my office today to pay his bill. I asked if […]

So you think I’m an extrovert

Get Uncomfortable to FindĀ Improvement I’d be willing to bet if I asked you- am I an introvert or an extrovert? I think you’d pick extrovert. Am I right? If we were to sit next to each other on the bus or a plane, you probably wouldn’t hear a word out of me unless you started […]


Enough with the excuses, I can’t take it anymore… YOU are the only person that can take the action to go where you want to go. Will it be hard? YES Will it be uncomfortable? YES When you take responsibility for your future, you only have yourself to blame. Guess what though? When you WIN, […]

Eating Out

So, I made a commitment to be more open about my struggles. It takes everything I have to eat out. I know this sounds like a weird problem, but socially and professionally it really is. Business lunches, social gatherings, and networking events tend to take place around food. I fought so hard to break the […]

What Keeps YOU Motivated?

Here’s a different look at what I do to chase my goals and dreams!  

Office Job Soreness?

“Motion creates emotion” Tony Robbins Do you struggle with soreness & stiffness during the day? I sure do! I work hard first thing in the morning and some days it takes me a little while to find out I didn’t cool down enough before heading to work. Then I’m stuck in an office all day […]