Win the Week- Simple Plan to get “Back on Track”

So you got off track, now what? My March has not been the best training month for me. I took some time off for extreme soreness in my knee and missed a couple days due to sickness. To be completely upfront, I haven’t really eaten that well this month either… My training calendar looks a […]

Nachos, Lasagna & Icing Replacements!!!

Hey everyone! People have been asking and asking for some recipes, so here’s a couple of my favorite! Just a quick warning- I care more about how my food tastes, than looks… Any recipes I post, don’t expect it to look like a professional designer put it together. 🙂 Also, portion control is key. Eating […]

A different perspective- Guest Post

This is my hero. She is the person who helped me take the first step. When I first started waking up early with a goal to go the the gym, we had a rule. Anything said before 6:00 A.M. doesn’t count. (Yeah, I haven’t always been an early riser…) We had some heated exchanges some […]

Life Lessons from “Think and Grow Rich”

Recently, a friend of mine asked me what book has made the most impact on my journey. This was a tough question- I have never had to narrow it down to just one before… I thought for a while and had to choose “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. At first, this seemed sort […]

The One Mile Rule

I had this really nice post on “Think and Grow Rich” done for this morning and after the disaster of a run this morning, I had to change it… This is my One Mile Rule. The One Mile Rule says to go at least one mile, if things are still falling apart and something just […]